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Introducing the Refugee from Heaven
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The Refugee from Heaven

"If you buy one book in your lifetime, this should be it. Life changing. The Lord's heart is clearly discerned."

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"I have read other books on this topic, but few can compare. This story will touch your heart. This is a book that you will read over and over again."

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Praise for The Refugee from Heaven

"When Cora Evans was in the ecstasy viewing Our Lord, she was with Christ in His life on earth. She witnessed many, many events in His life that are narrated in The Refugee From Heaven."

Father Frank Parrish, S.J. (1911-2003), Confessor and Spiritual Director

"Father Frank Parrish has no hesitancy whatever in accepting all of this material as authentic, private revelations. Cora Evans has been one of God’s most effective instruments. I’m awakened much more fully to God’s reality, to God’s presence, and to God’s activity in and around me."

Brother Edward Behan, F.S.C. (1916-1991), Biographer and Author of
An Introduction to the Life and Writings of Cora Evans

"After due consideration, I am pleased to inform Your Excellency (Bishop of Monterey, California) that there is no objection on the part of the Holy See to proceeding with the Cause for Beatification and Canonization of the Servant of God, Cora Louise Evans."

Angelo Cardinal Amato, S.D.B.
Prefect, Congregation for the Causes of Saints


“The Refugee from Heaven is an account of the life of Jesus as presented to Cora Evans, a modern day mystic and stigmatic. While in deep states of ecstasy, Cora witnessed and recorded Jesus’ life in minute detail. Once you read it, you will want to read it again and again. And I think you will be moved to renewed interest in scripture, insights into prayer and contemplation and a more personal relationship with Jesus.”

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440 pages, hours of reading,
years of reflection

Book One
8 chapters
Being a Christian is about an authentic encounter with Christ. Imagine the first encounter between Peter and Jesus. Cora’s eloquent writing style forms a mental image of what it would be like to stand in line with Jesus awaiting baptism in the Jordan River. Then we learn about the contemplative prayer life of John the Baptist.
Book Two
11 chapters
Perhaps the most beautiful story in all of Christianity is the birth of Jesus. As the story unfolds we relate to the very human responses of Joseph as he embraces the trust placed in him. On the other end of the spectrum we discover the misuse of Salome’s talents and the horrible conditions endured by John in the dungeon.
Book Three
6 chapters
The storm on the lake is a graphic and frightening scene. The story quickens and it is the insight revealed during the last hour of time and the last Mass that will have all readers, lay people and religious leaders of all Christian dominations, talking for years.
Book Four
4 chapters
At the darkest most sinful point in her life Mary of Magdala meets Jesus. The scene is colorful and dramatic. The meeting was well planned on her part, but Mary did not expect it to be a radical life-changing event. Her story is a lesson for all Christians as they approach our Lord today.
Book Five
18 chapters
The narrative takes us from the last supper to the heartfelt moment of Jesus bidding his mother farewell. Then we join Jesus during his agony in the garden. Stories of consolation fill our heart with love for our Lord as we face the reality of his scourging, carrying the cross, the reason for his suffering, until the moment of his death.
Book Six
7 chapters
The fear throughout Jerusalem at the moment of Jesus’ death is palpable. We become like eyewitnesses to Jesus being taken down from the cross and his solemn burial. Finally, we are taken inside the sepulcher for the awe-inspiring event that changed the world. All of Christian faith is summed up in the promise fulfilled in the sepulcher, the resurrection.



About the Book Cover

Joanne Von Zwehl

The following “Artist Notes” were written by internationally known artist, Joanne Von Zwehl.

The Challenge

The cover of a book is like a door, inviting you in. Cora’s writings are so descriptive, how could anyone create such beauty in one painting.

Capturing the Reverence of Jesus

Through much time in prayer and Eucharistic Adoration, one theme continued to resonate with me. Just as I find my solitude with Christ, in The Refugee from Heaven, Jesus always left the multitudes to find His solitude with the Father. The painting is my prayerful reflection of what Jesus would look like in those silent moments. I hope my vision instills the reverence of His time with the Father, as so eloquently described by Cora in her writings.