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We are very pleased to offer a selection of 40-minute talks followed by facilitated reflections, large group discussion, and a Q&A period. Listed below you will find a summary of the various programs we have available. For complete details, please visit our sister website,

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The Remarkable Story of Cora Evans

Cora Evans – wife, mother, convert from Mormonism, stigmatic. She was entrusted with a mission by our Lord to promulgate the Mystical Humanity of Christ throughout the world. How her mission is being accomplished today.

The Diary of a Soul

During this presentation the audience comes to know the heart of a Servant of God and how we can all grow in faith as Cora reveals her innermost thoughts and prayers.

An Evening with the Saints

We make decisions and remake them. What decisions did the Saints make and what are the common threads that unite them all? Perhaps even more illuminating is our reflection on everyday saints.

Making Saints - How the Catholic Church Decides

Let’s go inside the Congregation for the Causes of Saints and explore the essential steps in making saints today – from the local Bishop to the Vatican.

Youth Talk: The Greatest Prayer the World has Ever Known

How to embrace the mystery of faith with enthusiasm, energy and joy.

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