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Excerpt from Mystical Humanity Foundation, January 18, 1947

Jesus rose to His feet and spoke these words as He seemed to gaze in raptures upon the symbol of souls, "May the sublime calling of the Eternal Father bless each soul here represented with the grace of eternal love. Through them may His eternal love be manifest in and through each of their actions, words, and deeds. May their cloak of wisdom be a constant guide to a living motto, 'All for God's glory.' May each word, action, and deed remind them of humility, kindness, and charity, as if the whole world depended upon their actions in the moment, lest perhaps the earth dissolve into nothingness because of their fault through unfaithfulness to God. May their love and devotion to My Humanity be the fires and pillars of strength in the foundation to the world's last devotion, in the world's last half hour, My Mystical Humanity."

Excerpt from Golden Detachment in the Soul, circa 1948

Again our Lord's ravishing voice asked me, "Cora, do you realize the gift you have? This is the first time I have given to the world such details of My life. I am giving this gift through you, better to establish My Kingdom of love within souls. I desire all souls to know I am real, alive, and the same today as after My Resurrection. For My kingdom in souls to be better known is another step in the golden age, golden because souls in sanctifying grace resemble the light of the golden, noonday sun. In that golden kingdom, I may personally dwell if I am invited, for I have said, 'The kingdom of God is within you.' Through this knowledge many souls still loan Me their bodies. Thus they actually become My Mystical Humanity, and in them I relive My life on earth as I did after My Resurrection."