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About The Mystical Humanity of Christ Publishing

Our Team

Our Team

Michael McDevitt, Father Gary Thomas, Michael Huston

Photo taken at Sacred Heart Parish in Saratoga, California, where Father Thomas serves as pastor.

Catholic Publishing Reinvented

The responsibility for the cause of Cora Evans means being in business for the long haul. Thanks to breakthrough technology in the publishing, warehousing and distribution industries we promise that every book we sell today will be available 20-years from now. We’ll always be able to meet the growing demand as the cause for Cora Evans unfolds.

How You Benefit

Our resources meet the highest standards, use advanced software, and enable us to control inventory, reduce transportation, warehousing and shipping cost. The process saves our customers 20% to 30% on every book purchased.

Opening the Doors to Faith

Our unique business model is about rolling out many manuscripts at a steady pace and in various media forms: printed books, eBooks, designing retreat booklets, and facilitating parish retreats and accepting speaking engagements (to date, over 100 retreats and talks at parishes throughout the United States).

A Publisher with a Single Purpose

Our Lord entrusted Cora Evans with the promulgation of the Mystical Humanity of Christ throughout the world. All of our activities center around this single purpose: to encourage you to live each day with a heightened awareness of the living indwelling presence of Jesus in your life.

Unique logo design

Cardinal William Levada, formally prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, referred to this way of prayer, the Divine indwelling, as Eucharistic spirituality. We receive Jesus in the Eucharist; we make a spiritual communion throughout the day. Jesus, in His mystical humanity, dwells within us, and we take Him with us wherever we go. Our logo reminds us of the unity we share in Christ.

Our Logo

Logo design by Carson Weber

We are also pleased to offer a number of retreats and other events for your parish or small groups. Interested?