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An Answer to Prayer through the Intercession of Servant of God Cora Evans

Rosemary Rioux, dated February 25, 2014

In November of last year I attended your retreat on November 23, 2013, given at St. Rose's church in Newtown. I did get up to tell the gathering of my experience with three deer blocking my way in the middle of the street one morning on my way to work. Because of this momentary delay I missed being hit by a speeding car that was the exact place I would have been if not for the deer, I was and still am sure they were angels sent by God to protect me that morning! But I must tell you about my Miracle that occurred soon after the retreat and my prayers to Cora.

Since we had been to Mass that morning I decided to pray for Cora's intercession on behalf of my youngest daughter, Jennifer. My daughter is 43 and a type 1 diabetic. She has always had a zest for life making others smile and always giving of herself. But two years ago she got a new boss that has made her life a "living hell." The stress from her job has caused a serious decline in her health so much so that she was diagnosed with Lupus another auto immune disease in December of 2012. She has been applying for new jobs for a year and a half to be away from this boss. This has been painful for me to watch as her personality has gotten bitter and all her relationships have suffered because of the stress and health issues. So I prayed to Cora that Saturday night after the retreat and asked for her intercession for Jennifer.

I must add that when we went into church for Mass that day I noticed the beautiful Fall flower arrangement on the altar. I remember thinking the pumpkins and mums were such a pleasant arrangement. The next day my husband and I went to Sunday mass and again I was intrigued by the arrangement.

The following Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, my daughter called with the best news. She had been to her endocrinologist for a yearly check up to be told she does not have Lupus. There "might" have been a mix up on the earlier results. But I knew better, Cora had intervened. The next day was Thanksgiving and Jennifer has the whole family at her house for dinner. I made up my mind to go to Mass Thanksgiving morning to say Thank You for that great gift. During the Mass again I looked at the arrangements but this time I noticed the flowers were not mums but roses. I couldn't believe my eyes. Roses wasn't that a sign from Cora!!

At the end of Mass Monsignor Bob told everyone the display had to come down right after Mass so feel free to take the flowers. When Mass concluded I went up to take a rose and they were yellow roses with red tips. My daughter's favorite flower is a yellow rose and mine is a red rose, so I took two one for her and one for me. When I got to her house and gave her the rose I told her about the prayers on her behalf. To say the least we both held each other crying. But that's not the end of the blessings.

The following week she was interviewed for a new position in her company. She got the job with a promotion and most of all a boss she really likes and appreciates her for what she can contribute to their team. I saw her a few weeks later and the "hard" look is gone from her face, the stress is no longer there and she's asking about family she had blocked out of her life in that 18 months.