13 Ideas for Celebrating the Easter Season with Children

Katherine Prezioso

13 Ideas for Celebrating the Easter Season with Children

Alleluia! Christ has risen as He said, alleluia! The Lenten days of fasting and penance have come to a glorious end. The glory of Our Lord’s Resurrection fills our hearts and minds, as we are reminded of Christ’s triumph over death. No longer are we slaves to sin, but we have been set free! Let us never forget that “we are an Easter people and Alleluia is our song!” (Pope St. John Paul II) But after the glory of the Easter liturgy, how can we let our triumphant Easter joy spill over into our family life for no less than fifty days?! Thankfully, our children are always ready for a celebration and here you’ll find a few ideas to spark your creativity. Their joy and wonder at the celebration of Christ’s Resurrection is their prayer of praise. 


1. Now is the time for feasting! We’ve had 40 days of fasting and now we have 50 glorious days of feasting. You can feast with anything that your family has given up for Lent. One year, we made special desserts together each week of the Easter season: perhaps something you don’t normally make or that is special to the season of spring.

2. During the Easter octave, our churches are so beautifully decorated. The smell of the lilies and the burst of blooms at the altar are visible reminders that all of earth is rejoicing in Christ’s victory. If you can, try to make it to daily Mass! If that isn’t feasible for you, perhaps you can stop by to pray in front of the Blessed Sacrament and glory in the Easter beauty. 

3. Each morning (and evening if you are separated during the day), greet each other with the traditional Paschal greeting: “Christ is risen!” “He is risen indeed!”

4. Traditionally, the Angelus is prayed by the faithful at 6am, noon, and 6pm (or before you begin your day, the middle of your day, and after you’ve finished the day’s work). However, during the Easter season, we pray the Regina Caeli instead. Another Marian prayer, this one reminds us of the joy of Christ’s Resurrection, seen especially through Mary’s eyes. 

5. Just as our parishes are decorated with beautiful fresh flowers, you can keep fresh flowers in your own home. These can be bought from the store or handpicked by your children. The ones that are handpicked by little ones are particularly precious. It is the season for wildflowers, whose beauty reminds us of God’s love for us in the small details of our lives. 

6. For older children, they may enjoy acting out parts of the story of the Resurrection and Jesus’ actions after He rose. You could read them an appropriate Gospel story and then encourage them to perform a skit. Mary finding Jesus in the garden, Jesus appearing to His Apostles, and the encounter on the road to Emmaus would all be good options!

7. For younger (and older!) children, they could make an empty tomb out of clay (https://almostunschoolers.blogspot.com/2012/03/salt-dough-tomb-resurrection-scene-and.html) or a Resurrection garden like these: https://uncommondesignsonline.com/easter-resurrection-garden-a-tutorial/. As they work with their hands, they may ponder the mysteries that they are depicting, particularly if you read to them from the Gospels while they work.  

8. Some of the best catechesis takes place in the kitchen so bake resurrection cookies (https://www.beneathmyheart.net/2012/03/easter-story-cookies-the-true-meaning-of-easter/) or empty tomb rolls (https://www.aroundmyfamilytable.com/empty-tomb-rolls-2/) and then continue feasting! As you work together, you can explain again the mystery and majesty of the resurrection. 

9. “Hymns of praise then let us sing!” Rejoice in song! Listen to Easter hymns, sing Alleluia, and fill your home with the joyous music of the Church rejoicing! The hymns of the Church profess the truths of Her mysteries in a profound way. What more joyful way to meditate on the Resurrection?

10. The Sunday following Easter is Divine Mercy Sunday. This is an excellent day for Confession (an indulgence is attached to this: https://www.divinemercysunday.com/clarification_for_confession.htm) and praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet!

11. Make an alleluia banner! After so many days of biting our tongues before we utter “alleluia,” let us rejoice in our ability to proclaim it. Employ all the artistic talents of your little ones and proudly display it in your home!

12. Similarly, you could make an Easter Sunday bunting  (like this: https://www.catholicicing.com/count-down-the-easter-season-printable-countdown-bunting/) that counts down the remaining Sundays in the Easter season. Every time you or your children see that there are more Sundays left will be a reminder to keep celebrating!

13. Finally, make your own Paschal candle (instructions and inspiration: https://www.catholicicing.com/craft-easter-candle-with-kids/) to light during your family’s prayer time. Alternatively, you could ask your parish if they will give you last year’s!  

And a bonus Pentecost idea: on Pentecost, make flame headbands for your family to wear as they sing happy birthday to Holy Mother Church. 


Whatever you do, may you keep the flame of triumphant joy alive in your home during this Easter season! He is risen indeed!!