7 Perfect Gifts for a Catholic Wedding

Sara and Justin Kraft

7 Perfect Gifts for a Catholic Wedding

Wedding season is upon us.  While buying from the wedding registry can be fun, we also enjoy giving Catholic gifts the couple may not have even thought to register for.  Here are seven perfect gifts for a Catholic wedding. 

Family Crucifix 

A crucifix to be displayed in a prominent place in their home is a great way to help remind the couple of their Catholic faith and to help them set up a place to pray.  Many Catholic bookstores sell beautiful crucifixes.  However, one of our favorite places to purchase religious art is Blessed Art, Inc.  These items are hand carved by Christians in the Holy Land and the proceeds of the sales go directly to supporting these Christians who are struggling economically due to the current political climate. The hand-carved works are truly gorgeous pieces that will add to the aesthetic of any home while also being an encouragement in faith.  

Our Family Book of Life

Our Family Book of Life, published by the monks at Conception Abbey in Missouri, offers a place to record family sacraments https://www.stpatricksguild.com/our-family-book-of-life/.  We received this for our wedding from one of the monks at Conception Abbey, and have been blessed with the opportunity to have all our family sacraments recorded in one place. The physical recording of the sacraments, births, deaths, and family tree also adds to the solemnity of the occasion. There just seems to be something in the human person that is ignited when you write something down. It lends the occasion a realness that is often not grasped. We like to take out our Family Book of Life and review it occasionally. As we do so, the joys of the momentous events seem to come flooding back.  

Additionally, you could choose to get a nice, leather-bound family Bible with spaces to record sacraments, births, and deaths in the back. 

Nativity Set

One family I know had the tradition of buying the couples Jesus, Mary, and Joseph figurines for a nativity set.  Each year at Christmas or on their anniversary, they were able to add more pieces – such as the shepherds and Wise Men to help complete their set. This can be a beautiful means of helping the couple create a new family holiday tradition. Reflecting on the relationships within the Holy Family can help them deepen their own commitment to one another. Likewise, reflecting on their shared experiences can help them create a greater connection to figures represented in the Nativity.  

 Holy Water Font

A Holy Water font is a great choice for any household.  The bride and groom can then place it by the front door so they can bless themselves with holy water each time they come and go from their home.  Additionally, one can buy a holy water bottle and fill it at the font of the parish where they were married.  Each anniversary, they can bless themselves with this holy water as they recall their wedding day. 

Additionally,  holy water can foster the parents’ relationship with their children as their family grows. For example, our children love to receive holy water each night before as part of their bedtime routine. In this way, they daily receive our blessing and the holy water has become a great sign affirmation for each of them. 

 Household Book of Blessings and Prayers

One of our favorite wedding presents was the Catholic Household Blessings and Prayers book published by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.  This book has blessings and prayers to fit numerous occasions in life.  We especially enjoy some of the liturgical prayers, such as the blessing of a Christmas tree.  There are also special prayers and blessings for children on their birthday, moving into a new home, pregnancy, employment, and even at the time of death. In this way, the Household Book of Blessings and Prayers offers support and encouragement through all that a family might face. It comes in both hardcover and paperback form, so you can pick the version that best fits your budget. 

Papal Blessing From Rome

Did you know you can order a Papal Blessing Parchment online for a donation to the Papal Charity? This website has the details.  There are various sizes available and donation amounts to fit your budget.  You need to know the bride and groom’s names, wedding date, parish, and city. 

 Mass Offered on Their Anniversary 

A great gift for any couple is the gift of prayer. By calling your local parish (or the parish where the couple was married), you can request a Mass offered on their anniversary.  Parishes typically request a small donation (our parish asks for $10) to help pay for hosts and other items. 

Hopefully, these ideas will help you select the perfect Catholic wedding gift for the next wedding you attend! What are some of your favorite wedding gifts you've given or received?