Discover Cora Evans’ Special Love of St. Therese of Lisiuex

Cora Evans

Discover Cora Evans’ Special Love of St. Therese of Lisiuex

Editor’s note: This monthly selection of Cora Evans’ writings focuses on her devotion to Saint Thérѐse of Lisieux whose feast day we celebrate October 1. 

A French Carmelite nun, St. Thérѐse’s spirituality of the “Little Way” of following God with humble acts of charity and placing childlike trust in God’s divine mercy led to her being named a Doctor of the Church. 

Servant of God Cora Evans had a special devotion to the French nun and prayed that she too could spend her time in heaven praying for those on earth just like the Little Flower. Below are selections from Cora’s book “Gems: Knowing Christ in the Light of Modern Wisdom” that mention her special devotion to this powerful intercessor.

August 10, 1947 

During an ecstasy I found the parting with Jesus an impossibility. I pleaded for graces to do His holy will and also asked to die for His glory. Allow me to return to earth to help souls—(just like Saint Thérѐse).

August 26, 1947 

In the depths of ecstasy . . . Suddenly I was in the presence of Saint Thérѐse the Little Flower. I asked her to pray for me . . . She answered in these words, “Be cloistered, Cora, more and more.” I asked Saint Thérѐse’s pardon for my neglect to her. I have seldom asked her to pray for me, but ten years ago I did place my Mother under her protection in regards to conversion, and this year my mother was baptized, and for this great favor I thanked the Little Flower. I asked the Little Flower to ask Jesus to allow me, if I gained Heaven, to return to earth to help souls as she had done.

September 30, 1948 

Today is the birthday of the Little Flower into Heaven, and Saint Aloysius had assured me I would see her sometime this week. I have seen the Little Flower about ten times in the past six years. When I was before the Little Flower, I asked her to teach me how to pray these simple words as she would say them in all the beautiful meaning of love, “I love you, Jesus.”

November 29, 1948 

At 12:15 p.m. I was taken up into a state of rapture, and there beside me stood Saint Aloysius. He was asking me to obtain permission from Father Frank for him to use the rose petals from the rose, which he had taken mysteriously from the room on November 20. I seemed to understand that Saint Aloysius and the Little Flower, Saint Theresa, were going to drop the rose petals over a certain place in China where many little infants would benefit from their blessing of invisible grace . . . Saint Aloysius was asking for a priest’s permission to perform this act of charity, for with permission the benediction would be greater in their missionary desires and labors . . . I phoned Father Frank for the above permission and he gave it.