Enthroning the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Your Home

Sara and Justin Kraft

Enthroning the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Your Home

One of the highest devotions in the church is the Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Though some understanding of the Sacred Heart goes back many centuries, this devotion was popularized by St. Margaret Mary Alacoque after Christ appeared to her. In honor of the Sacred Heart of Jesus we celebrate the Solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus on the Friday following the Second Sunday of Pentecost. 

One of the best ways to celebrate the devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus privately is through the practice of “Enthronement”. Enthronement is simply the practice of displaying a consecrated image of the Sacred Heart in a prominent location within the home with the intent of spiritually inviting Jesus to be our friend and the King of our home.

The practice of the Enthronement is directly linked to a promise that Jesus made to St. Margaret Mary. Jesus promised St. Margaret Mary that he would bless the homes of all those who display and honor an image of His Sacred Heart. The practice was further popularized by Father Mateo Crawley-Boevey. Father Fr. Crawley-Boevey dedicated his priestly ministry to promoting the practice of the Enthronement. 

Fr. Crawley-Boevey’s book Jesus King of Love, provides his teachings on the value of the Enthronement as well as the recommended prayers and procedures for performing an Enthronement in the home. In my opinion, this book is a spiritual classic. Fr. Crawley-Boevey’s reflections and insights are a treasure. 

Most striking are his insights on the value of devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Enthronement within the home. Fr. Crawley-Boevey reflects on Jesus’s relationship with Mary, Martha, and Lazarus at Bethany. Mary, Martha, and Lazarus were all close personal friends of Jesus. Their home was the one place Jesus could likely rest. How many hours must they have spent together in that home? What closeness this must have fostered! He then invites us to reproduce Bethany in our own homes. To make our homes a place of repose for Jesus. 

And how can we best do this? Fr. Crawley-Boevey proposes that it is by inviting Jesus to repose in our home through the Enthronement. This is because daily life does not happen in the sanctuary of the church. It is lived in the heart of our homes. 

“The moments we can devote to God in church are few, for our duties compel us to live our daily life at home.” (Fr. Crawley-Boevey, Jesus King of Love, page 130)

As such, the key to closeness with Jesus is to invite him into the hub of our activities, the home. In so doing, Jesus will bring peace because our home will become a sanctuary of the Lord. 

Fr. Crawley-Boevey argues that this is precisely what happens. The Enthronement will make our homes a sanctuary. 

“We are reviving and realizing something now of this most beautiful and consoling presence of our Lord by the Enthronement of the Sacred Heart in the Home. We certainly do not pretend to compare the symbol of love with His real and substantial Presence in the Consecrated Host. However, by means of the Enthronement, Jesus really enters the home to have a part in and guide the whole life of the family. His love becomes the soul of both parents and children and His Heart their shrine.” (Fr. Crawley-Boevey, Jesus King of Love, page 130)

In other words, the Enthroned image becomes for our home a type or spiritual embodiment of the tabernacle through with Jesus repose and remains present in our homes. This allows us to live fully each day in His presence. 

How to Perform the Enthronement

The process of enthronement is really quite easy.

It begins with a firm decision to invite Jesus into your home by placing an image of His Sacred Heart in a prominent location within the home. The most important aspect is that the location is highly visible. It is best if it is centrally located and invites Jesus to be with you in all your daily activities. We chose to place our image on our mantle in the center of our living room.

Select an image. This can be a picture or statue. This was actually one of our favorite parts. I suggest spending some time searching for different options. Each different depiction that you consider will likely invoke a new connection to the Sacred Heart. Settle on the one that you with which you connect most deeply. 

Prepare your heart. It is suggested that the family spend three days of preparation by reciting a series of prayers. These prayers can be found in Fr. Crawley-Boevey’s book Jesus King of Love or online at https://welcomehisheart.com/ 

Select a date and invite your parish priest to come perform the consecration in your home. This consecration will include a blessing of the image. This is also a good opportunity to invite some friends to share in your joy and to witness your commitment to honor the Sacred Heart of Jesus. 

No priest available? Not a problem. Simply have your image blessed ahead of time. One of the parents in the home can then lead the consecration prayers. These prayers can again be found in Fr. Crawley-Boevey’s book Jesus King of Love or online at https://welcomehisheart.com/

Throw a party. Celebrate. Jesus has entered your home in a new and unique way. Do something to set the day apart. I suggest having a cake, ice cream, or special meal. Honor this day the same way you would honor any other great day. 

We sincerely hope that you will consider this great devotion through the Enthronement. We have already experienced the promised blessings. We invite you to ask Jesus into your home. Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us!