Gift Guide for First Communion and Confirmation

Briana Talley

Gift Guide for First Communion and Confirmation

Some of my favorite gifts to purchase are for children receiving their sacraments of initiation. The gifts can so easily be tailored to a specific family or child based on the child’s patron saints, or it could be a classic, heirloom gift that would be perfect for anyone. 


Unlike with the selection of a baptismal gift, you can consider the interests or temperament of the first communicant or confirmandi, which definitely adds on another layer of excitement in deciding upon a present. Here are some ideas to consider while you brainstorm for the perfect gift. I’ll begin with general ideas that would make lovely gifts for either the first communicant or confirmandi, and I’ll follow with specific ideas for both sacraments.



- Rosary. There are so many beautiful rosaries to choose from at your local Catholic supply store, Etsy, or elsewhere online. For boys, I love purchasing from Rugged Rosaries, and for girls, I really love Refuge Rosaries. 

- Missal. TAN Books has some wonderful options for both the first communicant and confirmandi. Help foster a desire and love for daily Mass by giving them this gift with the readings of the day and the order of the Mass. 

- Table crucifix. Wall crucifixes are pretty commonly gifted for the reception of the sacraments, it seems. If you still wanted to give a beautiful crucifix, perhaps purchase a small standing crucifix for the child’s desk, bedside table or dresser. Less commonly given, there will always be a surface in the home that could benefit from a beautiful standing crucifix.

- Leather or hardcover Bible. There is something about a leather bound or hardcover Bible that seems fitting to contain the Word of God. Sophia Institute Press, Baronius Press, and TAN Books have some beautiful options.

- Have Masses said for them. The Benedictines of Mary Queen of Apostles offer a novena of Masses to be said for an individual or family for a small donation. See the Novena of Masses tab on their website to sign up.

- Holy water font. The sign of the cross is the chief sacramental of the Church, and holy water is another frequently used sacramental. Encourage use of these sacramentals by the gift of a lovely holy water font for the first communicant or confirmandi to place in his/her bedroom.


- Brown scapular. has really lovely and durable scapulars. Many of them have a pouch that you can place a miraculous medal inside. They also have children’s sizes.

- Character Calendar. From The Catholic Company, “Beginning with a brief introduction to the saint of the day, augmented by excerpts from the Imitation of Christ and from the Mass for the day, as well as an ideal to ponder and an ‘action item’, this is a wonderful way to focus on the virtues of each of the saints, and thereby to make our lives an imitation of theirs.”

- Marian Consecration for Children. From TAN Books, Carrie Gress (author) “provides a fun and thrilling way for children to participate in this centuries-old practice. In just a matter of weeks, they will come to know Mary as they never have before. They will allow her to take their hand and lead them to Christ. Gress weaves in tales of saints, kings, queens, knights, and princesses as a way to teach children about virtue, courage, and their spiritual mother who loves them. In addition, she draws valuable spiritual lessons from contemporary stories such as The Chronicles of Narnia, The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Winnie the Pooh, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and many other fables and fairy tales that have brought children’s imaginations to life for decades.”

- Stations of the Cross. St. Augustine Academy Press has a beautiful book with large images that will assist the child in his/her reflection on our Lord’s Passion. It will also help them grow in love for the holy sacrifice of the Mass. There is also a search feature on their website that will help you find books recommended for specific age groups. They have many beautiful books available for this age group!



- New patron saint gift ideas. It is such an important, and sometimes challenging, decision for children to choose a confirmation saint name. Depending on the saint name chosen by the confirmandi, it may be pretty easy to find a stunning statue or image of the saint (like St. Joseph, St. Michael, St. Therese, St. John the Beloved, etc). For artwork I usually go to my local Catholic shop first, or November Daisy and Classic Catholic - both on Etsy). Likewise, you could get them a book about their new patron saint, or even better, spiritual reading that their patron saint wrote. For example, Introduction to the Devout Life if he chose St. Francis de Sales or The Story of a Soul by St. Therese. 

- Magnificat or Benedictus subscription. Perhaps it would be a secondary recommendation to a missal that (s)he could use for years to come, but it would still make a lovely gift and would encourage Eucharistic devotion.



- Leather rosary pouch. I have purchased from Amish Leather Works on Etsy and have been very pleased with the quality and durability! They even have an option for personalization. 

- The Young Man’s Guide by Fr. Lasance. This prayer book is available from Angelus Press. It includes devotions for Mass, Confession, and Holy Communion. It also discusses how to conquer sin, avoid the occasion of sin, and discernment of one’s state in life.



- Floral rosary pouch. Ave Maria Craft Studio on Etsy has some darling floral rosary pouches. They also have a miraculous medal zipper on them!

- The Catholic Girl’s Guide by Fr. Lasance. This prayer book is also available from Angelus Press and would make a wonderful gift for confirmation for a young lady. It includes devotions, novenas, instruction on acquiring feminine virtue, and provides counsel for discerning your state in life