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  • How to Get the Greatest Spiritual Benefit Out of Praying the Morning Offering

    Sara and Justin Kraft - Jan 19, 2022
    The morning offering is a long-standing practice in the Catholic Church, but what is it? The morning offering is the habit of beginning each day with a prayer by which we consecrate all of our daily actions, trials, and triumphs to God and thereby live each moment of the day in union with Jesus.
  • On Fresh Starts & Forgiveness in the New Year

    Jeannie Ewing - Jan 13, 2022
    Forgiveness is another lofty aspiration, a spiritual one, that may seem strange to connect to a new year or to any sort of resolution. I think most of us, if we reflect long enough, will agree that we need to work on forgiveness. But we don’t know how or where or when to begin. 
  • The Cardinal Virtues in Christmas Movies

    Hannah Crites - Jan 6, 2022
    The classic Christmas movies bring about childhood nostalgia for most of us, however, there are also lessons in virtues that we can find in many of these stories we all know and love. 
  • A Guide To Catholic Gift Giving

    Kimberly Timmerman - Dec 16, 2021
    As the Christmas season approaches, it is important to reflect upon the joyful mystery of the Christ Child entering into the world on that piercing cold night long ago. This reflection should spark a desire within our hearts to imitate His generosity and humility in giving us the greatest gift in human history: Himself made flesh. 
  • Is Christ the King of My Life?

    Kenzie Worthing - Nov 20, 2021
    The Feast of Christ is King is upon us. With the end of the Church Year we celebrate the kingship of Jesus before we begin anew with the season of Advent. Celebrating his kingship over heaven and earth reminds us that he truly rules everything.
  • All Souls Day: How & Why We Pray For the Dead

    Sara and Justin Kraft - Nov 4, 2021
    As Christians, we approach death differently. All Souls Day (as well as the whole month of November) is the day we commemorate all those who have died, but with the hope of eternal life. Specifically, it is a day that we pray that God’s promise is fulfilled.  
  • A Chain of Thought: 4 Quotes on the Rosary from Cora Evans

    John Kubasak - Oct 5, 2021
    Among the publications of Cora Evans’ writings, Gems provides insights into the intricacies of the Catholic faith.  These come from Cora’s life of prayer, mystical experiences, and deep relationship with Christ.  Cora had many reflections on the rosary, that John Kubasak hopes will result in a deeper devotion to this wonderful prayer.  
  • 7 Interesting Facts About Our Guardian Angels

    Hannah Crites - Sep 28, 2021
    We really don’t know much about guardian angels, but we hear about them all the time. As we approach the Feast of Guardian Angels on October 2 let’s learn a little about our heavenly friends who are on this journey with us. 
  • 5 Ways to Better Enter Into the Mass

    Josh Florence - Sep 23, 2021
    We receive a gift each time we are present for Mass- the source and summit of the Catholic faith. With that being said, it’s good to be as ready as possible to receive Our Lord in the Eucharist. Josh Florence reflects on 5 simple ways to prepare ourselves for Mass.
  • Seven Sorrows of Mary: Accompanying Jesus On His Way to the Cross

    Jeannie Ewing - Sep 16, 2021
    We can grieve with the Heart of Mary. We know she reflected deeply upon everything her Son endured throughout His life, likely knowing that it would end in death. Because of that, what Jesus suffered, Mary also suffered. And this is true of those who love both Jesus and Mary. We can be assured that, as we turn to them in our darkest and most despondent moments, they genuinely accompany us, unseen but present, through every loss and every pain.
  • 5 Ways to Teach Children to Pray

    Kimberly Timmerman - Sep 2, 2021
    “Let the Children come to me…” Jesus’ words seem so simple yet reveal deeper meaning, especially upon closer contact with children. Childhood is a miraculous stage of life. So much is learned, desired, explored and so quickly. With some tailoring, these suggestions to teach children to pray can be adapted to the age, personality, and challenges of each child. 
  • How do we make our home a place, another Bethany, where Jesus is welcome?

    Sara and Justin Kraft - Jul 29, 2021
    Sara and Justin Kraft reflect on Luke 10:38-42 and how we can invite Jesus to be our friend, always welcome in our homes. 
  • Cultivating the Virtue of Hospitality

    Kenzie Worthing - Jul 27, 2021
    Hospitality is not merely the invitation to come over to your home or to an event you are hosting, but hospitality is a virtue modeled throughout the Sacred Scriptures that we are called to implement and imitate in our own lives. 
  • How to Keep the Sabbath Holy Through Rest, Prayer, and Leisure

    Jeannie Ewing - Jul 20, 2021
    Jeannie Ewing writes on how to incorporate rest, prayer, and leisure into the celebration of the Sabbath day.
  • 7 Bible Verses You Should Commit to Memory

    Sara and Justin Kraft - Jul 13, 2021
    Sara and Justin Kraft reflect on how memorizing Scripture allows us to keep the truth ever present in our mind and suggest 7 verses to begin memorizing Scripture.
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Grow Closer to Christ

The Advent Story

The Advent Story

Available just in time for the Advent and Christmas season! The Advent Story details the events of the birth of Jesus Christ and his early life as revealed through private revelation to Cora Evans. Interspersed with Scripture passages, this book brings the Christmas narrative to life and inspires renewed reflection on the Incarnation.

A Time to Laugh and a Time to Weep

A Time to Laugh and a Time to Weep

NOW AVAILABLE! A Time to Laugh and A Time to Weep is a prayerful journey for healing, forgiveness, charity, kindness, and courage that traverses the highs and lows of motherhood and faith in light of Cora Evans’ writings. Travel alongside Cora Evans and Jeannie Ewing — one a woman of the early twentieth century, another a modern Catholic living in the frenzied, post-modern Information Age — and realize that truth, beauty, and wisdom exist outside of time.

Letter Lessons

Letter Lessons

The newest addition to The Cora Evans Library. “If any man would come after Me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily, and follow Me” (Lk 9:23). Being a Catholic Christian is a call to action. Our God is not passive or indifferent or lukewarm. He is active, involved, and on fire. And He is vying with the devil for your soul. Following Jesus takes perseverance, self-denial, trust, and total commitment. This is not a book about Jesus; it’s about you and how you open yourself to Him in ways you’ve never even considered.”



The reflections of Cora Evans included in Gems reveal many new details about Catholic truths, deeper knowledge of theological truths, and new light and evidence to the deposit of faith, especially regarding the humanity of Christ, the Holy Eucharist and the indwelling of Christ.

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