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  • Living Joy in Winter

    Jeannie Ewing - Feb 2, 2022
    Jeannie Ewing reflects on how to live the fruit of joy during seasons of desolation, the winters of our lives.
  • The Cardinal Virtues in Christmas Movies

    Hannah Crites - Jan 6, 2022
    The classic Christmas movies bring about childhood nostalgia for most of us, however, there are also lessons in virtues that we can find in many of these stories we all know and love. 
  • Advent Week 4 Reflection: the Presentation, Magi, New Birth & Resurrection

    Jeannie Ewing - Dec 23, 2021
    As we close our Advent walk and transition to the Octave of Christmas, let us remember one thing: that nothing is too far gone when we keep walking toward the Light. 
  • A Guide To Catholic Gift Giving

    Kimberly Timmerman - Dec 16, 2021
    As the Christmas season approaches, it is important to reflect upon the joyful mystery of the Christ Child entering into the world on that piercing cold night long ago. This reflection should spark a desire within our hearts to imitate His generosity and humility in giving us the greatest gift in human history: Himself made flesh. 
  • Advent Week 3 Reflection: The Presence of Angels to Light Our Path

    Rachel Forton - Dec 14, 2021
    The average person today might call you crazy if you told a story like that… being visited by even one angel, let alone a multitude of them. As we draw ever nearer to Christmas, let us keep our eyes, ears, hearts and minds open to the many ways God tries to communicate that love for us each day – especially the angels He places to light our path.
  • Advent Week 2 Reflection: Hidden Blessings for Joseph and the Journey to Bethlehem

    Sara and Justin Kraft - Dec 7, 2021
    An often-overlooked portion of the Christmas narrative is the journey to Bethlehem. Sara and Justin Kraft reflect on the different burdens of the journey that can be seen as blessings and points of learning for us. 
  • Advent Week 1 Reflections: Mary’s Vow and the Swaddling Clothes

    John Kubasak - Dec 3, 2021
    The second chapter of The Advent Story moves to Cora’s record of her visions.  Two things stood out to me: Mary’s vow of virginity and the swaddling clothes.
  • ​​Is Advent Penitential? Drawing Nearer to the Heart of Jesus

    Jeannie Ewing - Nov 16, 2021
    Advent is a season that gently invites us to abandon ourselves into the care of a merciful and tender God. But there is still a portion of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving that somehow gently nudges us out of our spiritual apathy and begins new work in us. 
  • 5 Tips for a Fruitful Advent During a Dark Time

    Kenzie Worthing - Nov 24, 2020
    It’s been a difficult year. Kenzie Worthing reflects on how to make the most of this upcoming Advent season and await the coming of Christ, the light in the darkness. 
  • Where Do all Our Advent Traditions Come from Anyway?

    Kenzie Worthing - Dec 17, 2019
    Advent is well under way – we just celebrated Gaudete Sunday! We are in week three of four in the Advent season, and are in the midst of the celebrations and traditions. Some of these traditions we do because we have always done them, but where do they come from?
  • Here’s the Best Programming on FORMED for Advent

    John Kubasak - Dec 3, 2019
    The season of Advent is here!  The feast of Christmas is such an important one that the Church gives us the season of Advent to prepare our hearts for the coming of Christ. There is a wealth of content on the Formed website and app that can enrich our spiritual journey toward Christmas.  This Advent, try turning off secular entertainment and making more room for the coming of Jesus.
  • 7 Things You Should Do this Advent

    Hannah Crites - Nov 27, 2018
    Christmas is right around the corner. In the midst of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it's easy to forget that Advent is a special time as well that all Catholics should observe. Here are 7 things you can do in order to make this year's Advent season stand out. 
  • Prepare the Way of the Lord This Advent

    Oakleigh Stavish - Dec 12, 2017
    Even though the world around us remains perpetually in darkness, we have been given the gift of grace as a result of Christ’s Incarnation. This Advent, prepare for His coming by drawing close to Him in trust and openness. 
  • Walk in the Light of the Lord This Advent

    Jeannie Ewing - Dec 5, 2017
    As another liturgical year begins, a few words come to mind: waiting, anticipation, joy, expectancy, wonder, humility. This week is sacred. Let us begin our journey inward to the place where we pray Jesus will be born in our hearts on Christmas Day.
  • Pray With These Advent Reflections To Be Prepared For An Amazing Christmas

    John Kubasak - Dec 12, 2016
    The third Sunday of Advent is Gaudete Sunday.  Gaudete means “Rejoice!”  The Lord of the universe became man, to save the human race—rejoice!  He comes to us in all the sacraments; Jesus, the Son of God, wishes to dwell in our hearts.  Rejoice! Do not be anxious or overly concerned about the things in this world (cf. Luke 12:22-31).  This is especially important with Christmas coming closer: shopping lists, parties, family obligations, and more shopping...
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Grow Closer to Christ

The Advent Story

The Advent Story

Available just in time for the Advent and Christmas season! The Advent Story details the events of the birth of Jesus Christ and his early life as revealed through private revelation to Cora Evans. Interspersed with Scripture passages, this book brings the Christmas narrative to life and inspires renewed reflection on the Incarnation.

A Time to Laugh and a Time to Weep

A Time to Laugh and a Time to Weep

NOW AVAILABLE! A Time to Laugh and A Time to Weep is a prayerful journey for healing, forgiveness, charity, kindness, and courage that traverses the highs and lows of motherhood and faith in light of Cora Evans’ writings. Travel alongside Cora Evans and Jeannie Ewing — one a woman of the early twentieth century, another a modern Catholic living in the frenzied, post-modern Information Age — and realize that truth, beauty, and wisdom exist outside of time.

Letter Lessons

Letter Lessons

The newest addition to The Cora Evans Library. “If any man would come after Me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily, and follow Me” (Lk 9:23). Being a Catholic Christian is a call to action. Our God is not passive or indifferent or lukewarm. He is active, involved, and on fire. And He is vying with the devil for your soul. Following Jesus takes perseverance, self-denial, trust, and total commitment. This is not a book about Jesus; it’s about you and how you open yourself to Him in ways you’ve never even considered.”



The reflections of Cora Evans included in Gems reveal many new details about Catholic truths, deeper knowledge of theological truths, and new light and evidence to the deposit of faith, especially regarding the humanity of Christ, the Holy Eucharist and the indwelling of Christ.

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