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  • Cause for the Canonization of Cora Evans Progresses to Rome

    Michael McDevitt - Feb 1, 2023
    Sunday, January 22, Cathedral of San Carlos, Monterey, California: we were all moved by the solemnity of the closing session for a sainthood cause, an event that made us all feel directly connected to the rich spiritual heritage of the Church.
  • What is the Devotion to the Mystical Humanity of Christ?

    Mackenzie Worthing - Jul 8, 2021
    An awareness of the Mystical Humanity of Christ, an awareness of the Divine Indwelling in our hearts, is a way to make our lives a living prayer. The devotion to the Mystical Humanity of Christ is a way to draw deeper into his life so that we may become more like him and spend all of eternity in the joy of his loving presence. In today's blog, Kenzie Worthing explains the Mystical Humanity of Christ and how to increase your own devotion to it.
  • Lessons from the Life of Cora Evans

    Jeannie Ewing - May 7, 2021
    Cora Evans’ spirituality is, quite possibly, so remarkable, because of her ordinariness. She was a lay woman, married with children, and did not possess any spectacular abilities or talents. Yet she strove, in her own way and along her own journey on Earth, toward Jesus. Her particular love for the Eucharist fortified her to perhaps even love the ordinary, rather than seek pomp and popularity.
  • Blessed Marie Rose Durocher—Champion of Girls’ Education

    Kimberly Timmerman - Oct 27, 2020
    Blessed Marie Rose Durocher is a great example for our times. She exemplified unwavering faith amidst a life of physical and emotional suffering. She put aside her desires and answered the Lord’s call as He revealed it. Her miracles regarding wildfires should compel us to ask for her constant intercession, especially for those suffering the recent wildfires that continually devastate the land.
  • Today’s the Feast of the Spanish Civil War Martyrs: Here’s What You Need to Know About Them

    Hannah Crites - Sep 22, 2020
    In the modern age, when it comes to martyrs, admittedly, my mind automatically thinks of one-off martyrdoms found in the lives of St. Maximilian Kolbe or Bl. Stanley Rother. But the reality is that we are not far from one of the most brutal persecutions and martyrdoms the Church has ever experienced.
  • Blessed John Tomaki: Father and Martyr

    Sara and Justin Kraft - Sep 9, 2020
    Is there anything I would not give up for Jesus? These are challenging questions.  However, we don’t have to face them on our own strength. Like Blessed John Tomaki, who had been given courage by the examples of others, we too must encourage one another in our families to cling fast to Christ in turbulent times. 
  • 7 of Bishop Sheen’s Best Quotes To Help You Prepare For Christmas

    Hannah Crites - Dec 19, 2019
    Venerable Fulton Sheen is an American bishop who reached an international audience in the mid-twentieth century via his television show, radio, preaching, writing and mission work. His work impacted countless modern saints. Here's some of his quotes to help you prepare for Christmas.
  • Here Are the Top 10 Blogs of 2019!

    Hillary Mast - Dec 10, 2019
    If you’ve read any of the posts here at Cora Evans blog, you know that there’s a great team of writers who contribute to this website year-round to provide you with excellent Catholic content. As we approach the end of 2019, we’ve rounded up the top ten most popular posts on the website. Take a look at the list below and see if one of your favorites is here or maybe you’ll find one you missed over the last year!
  • 7 Interesting Things You Should Know About St. Gertrude the Great

    Hannah Crites - Nov 14, 2019
    On November 16, the Church celebrates the feast of St. Gertrude the Great, a Benedictine nun whose great love for the Holy Souls in Purgatory and devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus has helped earn her the title of "the Great." Here's some more interesting things you may not know about her.
  • So How Exactly Does a Saint Become a Saint?

    Mackenzie Worthing - Oct 29, 2019
    Those who the Church recognizes as a Saint are those she recognizes as having lived a heroically virtuous life on earth and who are definitively in Heaven with Christ. So how does the Church go through this process of recognizing a saint as a Saint? There are essentially five phases to the process. 
  • John Paul II’s Enduring Legacy of Faith in a Secular Age

    Gillian Weyant - Oct 22, 2019
    During the month of October, we commemorate the feast of one of the greatest saints of our time: Pope St. John Paul II.  It may be said that John Paul II changed the face of modern-day Catholicism while still devotedly upholding the permanent and unchanging truths of the Church.
  • What John Henry Newman’s Life Can Teach Us About Following Christ

    John Kubasak - Sep 5, 2019
    John Henry Newman’s sanctity was a gift from God to him, to further along his vocation and to push him along the path to heaven. Read more about how his example can lead us closer to Christ.
  • John Henry Newman Lost Family and Friends When He Converted, But Soon He Will Be Canonized a Catholic Saint

    John Kubasak - Aug 22, 2019
    John Henry Newman captivated England with his sermons, writings, and holiness for much of the 19th century. The sanctity of the man was witnessed by many in his day, and is now being attested by the universal Church.  Pope Francis will canonize Bl. John Henry Newman in October 2019.  
  • If You Only Know G.K. Chesterton by His Clever Quips, You’re Missing Out

    John Kubasak - Aug 13, 2019
    Today, Gilbert Keith Chesterton is primarily known for his memorable quotes.  Yet those quips are but a drop of dew on the enormous garden of his written work as an author and journalist. The post-modern world can learn a lot from this man who could disagree with people's ideas and still call them friends. 
  • Here’s Several Americans Whose Canonization Causes You Need to Know About

    John Kubasak - Jun 6, 2019
    The call to holiness extends to every Christian on earth, from Christ’s very lips: “You, therefore, must be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect” (Matt 5:48).  Lumen Gentium, the Dogmatic Constitution on the Church, iterated that “all the faithful of Christ of whatever rank or status, are called to the fullness of the Christian life and to the perfection of charity” (#40).  Holiness is not only our call, but an expectation of all...
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I Was A Pilgrim In History

I Was A Pilgrim In History

The book tells of the journey of the Magi from Egypt where they first witnessed a vision of the birth of the child Messiah. The story follows the Magi to their meeting with Herod and finding the Holy Family. It then follows the Holy Family’s flight to Egypt and their return trip to Nazareth. The story explores some new details of Jesus’ childhood and how His identity was kept secret. The story continues to the time of the Crucifixion of Jesus, and it ends with the Blessed Mother completing the first Stations of the Cross. 

An Introduction to the Life and Writings of Cora Evans

An Introduction to the Life and Writings of Cora Evans

An Introduction to the Life and Writings of Cora Evans: Wife, Mother, and Mystic is a personal journal written by one of her best friend, Christian Brother, Edward Behan. Behan shares his knowledge of Cora's life and writings, of her thoughts and insights, which unfolded over six years of inspiring friendship. This book sheds much light on Cora and her relationship with our Lord.

The Refugee from Heaven

The Refugee from Heaven

The Refugee from Heaven recounts the life of Jesus Christ as an eyewitness, beginning with the first meeting between Jesus and Peter, on the shores of Mount Carmel Bay. With vivid detail and dialogue, this unique account breathes new life into well-known figures of the Gospels.

A Time to Laugh and a Time to Weep

A Time to Laugh and a Time to Weep

NOW AVAILABLE! A Time to Laugh and A Time to Weep is a prayerful journey for healing, forgiveness, charity, kindness, and courage that traverses the highs and lows of motherhood and faith in light of Cora Evans’ writings. Travel alongside Cora Evans and Jeannie Ewing — one a woman of the early twentieth century, another a modern Catholic living in the frenzied, post-modern Information Age — and realize that truth, beauty, and wisdom exist outside of time.

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