Five Last Minute All Saints Day Ideas

Mackenzie Worthing

Five Last Minute All Saints Day Ideas

All Saints Day approaches quickly and it might find you without much idea of what to do for the parish All Saints party. Maybe you focused on costumes for Halloween trick or treating or maybe you have struggled with too many disparate ideas to nail one down. Today’s blog post will give a few ideas for repurposing Halloween costumes, dress up pieces you might already have, or simple solutions to find something to celebrate the saints in style. 


St. Gianna Molla 

Saint Gianna was a doctor, wife, and mother. This costume could come together simply with a simple blouse and skirt or a dress under a doctor’s white coat. Her picture is often depicted with her wearing a white cardigan and simple skirt with her babies in her arms. This could also be done with a baby doll or a real baby if you are in that season of life! 


St. Francis of Assisi and accompanying animal 

If you can get a bit of plain brown or gray fabric, the monk’s habit is pretty simple to put together with a bit of rope round the middle. If a sibling or other family member wants to be included, you could choose an animal to dress them up as. A wolf would be appropriate (he is said to have stopped a wolf who was terrorizing a local village) or any other animal costume you may have on hand or that is simple to imitate. 


Sts. Zelie and Louis 

My husband and I went as Zelie and Louis to an All Saints party and it was an easy costume to put together. I already owned a collared plaid dress (she is often depicted in a plaid dress) to which I added a bit of lace (Zelie was a lacemaker). I wore my hair up as was the custom of the time. My husband wore a suit with a vest, pocket square, and drew a pocket watch (Louis was a watchmaker) on a piece of cardboard and wore it affixed to his suit jacket with a safety pin. I also carried around a baby doll fashioned into a Carmelite nun to represent their holy daughter, St. Therese. 


St. Joan of Arc/St. George

If you already have a shield, suit of armor, and sword costume laying about among the things of your children, you’re already most of the way there. It would also be appropriate to create a banner with the fleur-de-lis on it to carry around for Joan. For George, someone else could easily dress up as a dragon or as a princess in need of saving.


St. Philip Neri 

For the bearded man, there is a famous story about St. Philip Neri going to a party with half his face shaved to teach a lesson on humility and pride. Don the all-black garb of a priest (a cassock would be best if you have one or can borrow one!) and shave half your face if you dare to emulate this holy man. 


These are just five simple ideas. All Saints Day costumes should be approached with fun and not stress. It’s a joyful time to celebrate the holy ones who have gone before us in the Church. May we always turn to the saints as guiding lights on our way to Christ!