Sunday Gospel Reflection July 7

Cora Evans

Sunday Gospel Reflection July 7

The following is an excerpt from Cora Evans’ private revelations found in her writings, Gems: Knowing Christ in Light of Modern Wisdom, selected as a reflection for the Sunday Gospel passage Luke 10:1-12, 17-20.

As I knelt at His feet, He quoted these words, “Many are called but few are chosen.” As Jesus spoke these solemn words, there before us rose the great valley of pinnacles. Jesus continued, 

“Into great classifications I have placed the honored, ‘chosen’ few. The chosen few are the real captains in My army. They are the victim souls to My love. They are victims because they are seasoned through study and prayer in the knowledge of the all-sufficient God―God sufficient without them and not needing any help they may offer Him. Thus, in great humility of soul, their torch of light in souls’ darkness is the light of trust in the providence of God above their own will.

“True captains know the steps of discipline because they have guarded well the spiritual fire entrusted to their souls. Victim souls to God’s love, symbolized by the tallest pinnacles, are clothed only in His merciful robe of trust. Thus they stand like children, lovingly gazing upon the beauty of God in everything, awaiting His least command in any of the virtues such as purity, gratitude, pain, sorrow, love, or any other virtue which they feel inclined to follow after much prayer and under the guidance of My priests. 

“Victim souls have practiced detachment and well understand the merit of detachment. They understand the love of holy indifference to petition and self-want. They trust in God’s wisdom for He knows their every need and, through an act of love, thus forgetting self, they are granted all their desires because God cannot be outdone in generosity. They strive for the sublime sleep of the contemplative victim through the steps of meditation. They thrive on and love the knowledge given to them through earth-like martyrdom, better to become totally disengaged with their own desires. In the sleep of contemplative love, they relish the gift of God’s spiritual communion as though it were never-ending. 

“In that embrace of love, they offer all passing desires and intentions to God in one pure act of love, like unto our priests offering the chalice in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass filled with intentions, love, and adoration, thus believing through faith that Jesus Himself will offer to God all we lack and making imperfect prayers perfect. 

“Those captains clothed only in the robe of trust sing aloud this song as they think of God in constant communion, ‘Oh God of love, do with me as Thou will. I have given Thee my memory, my will, and understanding and now, clothed in trust, I stand as a flickering flame before Thy divine Mercy, without purpose or intention. Oh passable God of true love, come, and through me do with me as Thou will.’ 

“Souls thus believing and trusting in the first principle of trust without fear are seraphs of the earth. They are the highest order in the communion of saints on earth. They are the real heroes and doers on earth for both souls and nations.”