10 Simple Recipes for a Simple Lent

Sara and Justin Kraft

10 Simple Recipes for a Simple Lent

Lent is a time of penance, slowing down, and simplifying.  As we live out our domestic church, we also try to make Lent a time of simpler meals and simpler activities after the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.  Below, find ten simple recipes we enjoy during Lent.  For those on special diets, all of these recipes can easily be grain free and most are dairy free. Keep in mind, simple can still be delicious.

1. One of our favorite meatless dishes is Eggs in Purgatory.  The eggs pair great with the sauce.  We typically eat it over spaghetti squash or sautéed zucchini, but would also be delicious over pasta noodles.  https://www.themediterraneandish.com/eggs-in-purgatory/ Tip: Don’t overcook it. You want a nice soft and runny yoke which flows into the sauce to give a great creamy texture. 

2. For St. Joseph’s Feast Day on March 19, we love to have pasta.  Typically, we make our sauce from scratch.  This pressure cooker recipe from Danielle Walker is an easy, hands-off sauce recipe we enjoy making (and the kids especially enjoy eating)!  We typically do not use the honey in the recipe; we find it sweet enough without it.  For a Lenten meal, we also leave out the pork chop, but it does add a depth of flavor if you wish to include it. https://againstallgrain.com/2018/07/18/instant-pot-paleo-spaghetti-meat-sauce-recipe/

3. One of our favorite soup recipes is Lentil Soup!  In the winter months, we typically enjoy it two or three times a month.  It is easy, filling, and budget-friendly.  I simply bake some bread for the side for maximum enjoyment.  If you prefer a meal with meat, Italian sausage is a great addition to the soup.  https://farmtojar.com/smoky-lentil-tomato-soup/ Additionally, almost any vegetable can be added. This makes it a quick and easy way to use anything that you may have on hand.   Sometimes, we substitute spinach for the greens.

4. Our three-year old’s favorite soup is Egg Drop Soup.  Every time we mention soup, he asks for egg drop soup.  This soup is not only nutritious, it is so easy my 9-year-old can make it with only a bit of help.  For ease of use, we skip the arrowroot powder and enjoy just as much. https://realeverything.com/egg-drop-soup/

5. Czech meatballs are another Lenten favorite.  The recipe takes only a few minutes to prep, and then it is easy to have a salad and another vegetable to round out the meal.  In this recipe, we prefer skipping the mustard.  https://meljoulwan.com/2010/10/25/paleo-czech-meatballs/

6. Tacos have always been a family favorite!  Black bean tacos are delicious and quick to make.  If it’s not a Friday, you could also add some hamburger to the side.  https://naturallyella.com/black-bean-tacos/

7. Zucchini boats are a delicious way to encourage both kids and adults to eat more vegetables.  Feel free to customize the “pizza” toppings as you wish.  My kids love red bell peppers and olives on their “pizza.”  Italian sausage is also a family favorite!  https://pickyeaterblog.com/zucchini-pizza-boats/

8. Sweet potato soup is surprisingly delicious!  Its simplicity makes it a great choice for busy nights or for meatless Fridays.  Sweet potatoes are also very healthy. They have a lower glycemic index than most varieties of potatoes. They are also very good for gut health and your natural microbiome. This is one of our nine-year old’s favorite soups. It is also one of Justin’s favorites.  It has a spice combination of which he simply cannot get enough. You can also skip the bacon if it is a Friday, but my recommendation not to skip the bacon the first time. It adds such a rich flavor.  https://meljoulwan.com/2013/01/02/paleo-sweet-potato-soup/ 

9. Sometimes, fifteen minutes or less is my speed!  This veggie packed fried rice is exactly how much time I have, and it is kid approved.  https://againstallgrain.com/2020/07/20/15-minute-veggie-packed-fried-rice/

10. We love lasagna.  When my oldest was four, he dubbed it “Lasagna in the Highest” and that name has stuck.  Here’s a delicious vegetable lasagna for your enjoyment.  Again, feel free to customize as you prefer, including adding meat if you prefer.  https://cookieandkate.com/best-vegetable-lasagna-recipe/

We hope your palate is as inspired as your soul this Lenten season. Bon Appetite!