Epiphany Roundup: 3 Blogs about the Coming of the Kings

Mackenzie Worthing

Epiphany Roundup: 3 Blogs about the Coming of the Kings

The feast of Epiphany is tradtionally celebrated on January 6, and is the Twelfth of the 12 days of Christmas. This year, the celebration of Epiphany falls on Sunday, January 7. Below finds links to three previous Cora Evans blog posts on this beautiful and wondrous feast. 


What is the Feast of the Epiphany

This post focuses on the basics of the feast of Epiphany, which not only celebrates the coming of the magi to the Christ Child, but so much more. Read this blog post here.


We Have Come to Adore: Reflections on the Magi from the Advent Story

One of Cora Evans' pivotal contributions are her mystical visions on the life of Christ. The Advent Story focuses on the story of the Magi (Wise Men or Kings) on their way to see the Christ Child and how the story culminates in their coming before Jesus as a little child. Learn more about the magi from this blog post by clicking here.


8 Wonderful International Ways to Celebrate the Epiphany

If you are looking for new ways to celebrate this beautiful feast or are just curious how cultures around the world have traditionally celebrated the 12th day of Christmas, this post provides lots of insight and ideas for Epiphany. You can read more here.


May you and your family have a beautiful feast of the Epiphany, taking time to reflect on how Christ is manifesting Himself to you in your life right now as well as how He has manifested Himself in history.