5 Easy Ways to Pray While Traveling

Josh Florence

5 Easy Ways to Pray While Traveling

Just because you are going on vacation does not mean that you have to leave your prayer routine altogether at home. Below are some ideas that can help you maintain your prayer life and give you some flexibility while on the road.

#1 Find Catholic Historical and Spiritual Places of Interest

I didn’t dwell too much on the importance of the Catholic history in America until I met my wife, who was then writing her thesis on the Florida Martyrs. I learned from her that the Florida Martyrs include hundreds of men, women, and children who died for the faith between the years 1549 to 1763 mostly throughout Florida and Southern Georgia. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many Catholic historical, cultural, and architectural places of interest around the world. More well-known places like the Vatican come to mind but even in rural areas there are beautiful places of prayer to be found. One of my favorite places, for example, includes The National Shrine and Basilica of Our Lady of Consolation, in Carey, Ohio. There you can learn about how immigrants from Luxembourg brought their devotion for the Blessed Mother with them.   

There is even a Youtube channel dedicated to finding Catholic waypoints in America called Finding Sacred Spaces. Of course, be sure to check out Mass schedules before you go so you can fulfill your Sunday obligation. So take a break from the long drive, stretch your legs, and visit some of these beautiful places!


#2 Rosary Walk

There are those who are all about “making good time” while driving cross country. Instead of racing to the next destination on your itinerary, a rosary walk can help alleviate any sense of urgency we have in getting to our destination. I have fallen into this trap so many times and can forget that the reason I’m on vacation is to spend time relaxing with those I care about.  Mary is someone who cares a great deal about you so it is well worth spending some time with her as well. 

With plenty of walking paths/nature trails anywhere you go, chances are this is a good way to get some exercise and share in an activity that your whole family can participate in.   


#3 Audiobook/Catholic Podcasts

Sometimes all you need is a good book! An audiobook or Catholic podcast can be a great way to engage your mind while traveling. This can help us have meaningful conversations with family members and better enter into prayer when we converse with God.

#4 Family Examen

After a long day of traveling and seeing the sights, making a brief examen can be beneficial to wind down from all of the day’s activity. It’s important for us to take time either on our own or as a family to reflect on the day. In our examen we might ponder how we served God that day and how we could serve Him better tomorrow. Asking ourselves how we can better serve God the next day can help prioritize our vacation plans. Doing this on a regular basis can allow us to be more mindful of how we serve our family members as well. 


#5 Take an Icon with You

We already have hundreds upon hundreds of photos on our phone. Why not bring an image with you that will inspire you to holiness? Packing a small icon or prayer card is a small way you can sanctify the space you’re staying in. It also works great as a simple reminder to pray. It’s a much more beautiful thing to look at than some of the weird hotel “art” I’ve taken note of on my travels. 


This list is not exhaustive. There are many other ways in which you can pray while on vacation. Hopefully this list jump-starts your creativity in how you can be intentional in your travels. The Lord wishes to bless us on our journeys wherever we may go.