Cora Evans’ Sunday Gospel Reflection for November 17

Cora Evans

Cora Evans’ Sunday Gospel Reflection for November 17

The following is an excerpt from Cora Evans’ work, The Refugee from Heavenselected as a reflection for the Sunday Gospel reading Luke 21:5-19.


Jesus took His mother into His embrace and said quietly, “O illustrious mother, it is My desire, and one of My last earthly gifts to you, to tell and show you through vision the last Holy Sacrifice at the end of time and just how you will play a marvelous part in that solemn moment. You will then know the reason for your eternal title, Everlasting Tabernacle.

“The wonderful Golden Age of people living perfection will be made possible through the knowledge of the Fires of My Heart. In many centuries from now, I will give – through private revelation – the greater meanings to the mysteries of My Heart which, of course, is My Father within Me. It is the only possible way for My Father's presence to be seen by the human eye and yet allow that person to live, for the prophets have said, ‘No one shall see God and live.’ But I have promised a few chosen souls on earth, and many to be born, a foretaste of Heaven while they live on earth, and any foretaste of Heaven is to actually see the Beatific Vision. To be favored with just one minute glance graces the soul with wonderful gifts of knowledge, understanding, wisdom, and love, which ordinarily could not exist in the human mind.

“The Father and I are One, and naturally it is My desire to scatter His Fire (Love) over the earth through the knowledge of My human heart. Little by little I will give this wonderful knowledge to a few favored friends, and even though it takes centuries they will work together as one in mind and purpose, giving to the world the beautiful steps that will lead to the world's last devotion, the Mystical Humanity.

“The Golden Age will have its evil hindrances too, however, for as long as time is time there will be two shepherds. Only at the last minute of time will there be One Shepherd - I will triumph! I am the Good Shepherd and the devil is the other. He will walk in great strides along with good people, and he will try in all manner of ways to overcome truth and faith by the wrong use of science and through educational laws that compel people to listen to worldly philosophers. But many times I will confound their intellectual powers when they try striking a deadly blow against the faithful by manifesting the simple gifts of God, such as fragrances and tonalities, which could be said to be Heaven's music. This great grace will make the faithful strong in defense of faith and My laws, for they will know that supernatural gifts cannot be tampered with in scientific analysis because faith knows no boundaries, and through faith people love the mysterious.

“Mother,” Jesus continued, “the Golden Age, too, will die as every age of faith has risen and fallen, and this will continue until the end of time. As I have said, ungoverned intellectual pride will be its downfall and faith will quickly die. My indwelling in human hearts will become a legend, and a myth, to the people living in the last century. Those people who could have given Me a castle of light and rest through their heritage gifts through the faith of their fathers and did not, will cause Me to become a lonely pilgrim and a degraded outcast. I will be a lonely God then, as I am now, apparently alone. I am in the world and the people do not know Me because of their intellectual pride, which rationalizes the prophecies to mean that I should come in power, pomp, and wealth, and with all the honors of an earthly king. Little do they realize that My Kingdom is not of this world. The dangers of rationalizing without faith and the government of will in regard to the Commandments mars the mind in the same way as sunlight (not the true light) dims the depths of a beautiful night in its cloak of golden star-lamps scattered over the sky.

“As whole nations fall in the time of the Golden Age, the satanic powers of Hell will actually possess people and through them cause diabolical miracles to appear as God-given. Wars and terrible Church persecutions will take place all over the world. Both Church and people will suffer degradation until My followers, in small numbers resembling wandering gypsy bands, will mourn daily as they hear the news that another priest has become a martyr. Day by day My priests will become fewer in number until at the very last hour of time there will be only one living priest to represent the entire ideals and power of My Church.

Jesus and Mother Mary smiled through their tears at each other, and then rested for a moment in quiet musing about that last terrible day and hour that will come upon the world.