Here are the Top Ten Blogs from 2018!

Hannah Crites

Here are the Top Ten Blogs from 2018!

Here at the Cora Evans blog, we have an incredible team of writers who work hard to bring you incredible Catholic content every week all year long. They aim to create incredible posts that we hope will help you grow in holiness and love for the Lord and his Church—whether it be inspiring you to visit one of the church's architectural wonders or get to know a saint that you hadn't heard of before. Now that the New Year has begun, let's take a look back at the most popular blog posts of 2018!

10. 5 Less Popular Saints that will Suprise You

Gillian Weyant


There are a number of saints that have become household names.  St. Francis of Assisi, St. Joan of Arc and St. Patrick are a few saints that are so lauded that they are often even admired by secular society.  Not all saints, however, are so well-known: in addition to the number of saints whose names you might find familiar, there is a vast number of saints who have been recognized by the Catholic Church but who are not often spoken of very often.


9. 4 Of the Best Mother Teresa Quotes that Inspire and Encourage

Jeannie Ewing

Growing up, many of us knew St. Teresa of Calcutta simply as Mother Teresa. She was frequently featured in magazine articles, both secular and Catholic, and she appeared on television in interviews most of us didn’t miss. Perhaps what attracted the world to St. Teresa was the radical, but natural, way in which she lived – serving those most destitute, forgotten, dying. They were the ones living in the most deplorable squalor, yet she and her sisters met them all with equal dignity and cared for them with love.

Her impact cannot be overlooked. In a little gem I received shortly after I graduated college, entitled, Mother Teresa: Her Essential Wisdom, I discovered some treasured quotes that directly reflect the heart of her ministry that lives on today. My hope is that these will inspire and encourage you on your own journey, that you and I may live as she did: simply, humbly, and always surrendering to God’s lead.


8. My Top 5 Favorite US Catholic Shrines

Nick Eden


You may have noticed a link to download the "Ultimate List of U.S. Catholic Shrines." This e-book is an amazing resource on shrines located throughout the United States. Since this e-book is free to download, I thought that I would share with you this week my five favorite shrines from the list. These locations are in no particular order and are probably my favorite because I have had the opportunity to visit them. When you are done reading this week's blog, don't forget to get the full list of shrines for yourself!


7. You Need to Know About this Easter Requirement

Mary M. Dillon

As Holy Week approaches, prayer, fasting, and almsgiving as Lenten practices become a steady spiritual rhythm for Catholics and Catechumens preparing for the celebration of Christ’s Resurrection. With Easter just around the corner, the Catholic obligation related to Easter—one’s Easter Duty—again rises up over the horizon. Easter Duty obligations are part of the Church’s teaching authority which is binding on the faithful, recognizing that some adjustments have been made over time-related to the Easter Duty’s disciplinary practices for pastoral reasons.


6. How to Reclaim Hope Through Redemptive Suffering

Gillian Weyant

On October 22, the Catholic Church celebrates the feast of St. John Paul II.  St. John Paul II is truly a saint of our times, having been canonized in 2014 (a mere nine years after his death).  Throughout his life, St. John Paul II was a champion of the truths of the Catholic faith, and his intense holiness was evident in both his words and in his actions.  He worked tirelessly to uphold the truth and beauty contained in Catholicism and wrote extensively on various aspects of theological teaching, illuminating and clarifying them for the betterment of all Catholics.  In his letter Salvifici Doloris, on the Christian Meaning of Human Suffering, St. John Paul II considers one of the most mystifying and important topics in the faith: why suffering exists in the world and how it is possible that suffering may be redemptive.


5. How to Celebrate Halloween as a Catholic

Sara and Justin Kraft

Fall is one of our family’s favorite times of the year.  In addition to cooling weather, it is football season!  Of course, our children also look forward to Halloween for many months.  There’s much discussion on what kind of candy they will receive and what they will dress up as for Halloween.  However, we also use it as an opportunity to teach the children about God.


4. Amazing Facts About Saint Luke that Will Blow You Away

Charles Kaupke

The Gospel is the heart of our Catholic faith. In addition to the oral tradition passed down from the Twelve Apostles, we also have four written accounts of the life and teachings of Our Lord. This is usually what is meant by the term “Gospel.” On October 18, the Church will celebrate the Feast of Saint Luke, one of the four evangelists, or Gospel writers. In this article, we will look at five unique facts about Saint Luke, the author of the third Gospel.


3. 12 Inspiring Thanksgiving Quotes for Catholics to Share

W.P. Bennett

"The calendar has turned over to November and with all the Halloween candy on clearance sale at the stores, it is time that our minds turn towards Thanksgiving.  But rather than look at this holiday as an American holiday designed to celebrate our nation's beginning, can we use this time to grow in our faith? Can we incorporate some spirituality into this holiday of turkeys and football? We certainly can! Giving thanks is a command of God and many saints have spoken about the importance of giving thanks. Here are 12 quotes and images, some from scripture and others from saints about giving thanks you can share with your family and friends!"


2. Listen to the Most Beautiful Catholic Hymns

Veronica Dillon

“To sing is to pray twice.”  - St. Augustine

There is something ineffably powerful about those words which saints and scholars of the true faith have written, and which followers of the faith have set to music "all to the glory of God." Decorated in verse, the Truth is yet bared, exposed, and perhaps more striking in song than inadequate prose. Here are some of my favorite hymns that were written by saints and other holy members of the one, catholic, and apostolic faith—their lyrics are heavenly food for contemplation!


1. The Most Beautiful Churches in the U.S. that You Need to See

Sara and Justin Kraft


Beauty reveals God; for centuries it has been the Church's teaching tool in architecture, art, and stained glass, all of which depict God’s love for us in unique ways. America has a rich tradition of artisanship in her churches, so we have taken this opportunity to highlight 10 particularly striking examples.