Sunday Gospel Reflection July 28

Cora Evans

Sunday Gospel Reflection July 28

The following is an excerpt from Cora Evans’ private revelations found in her book, The Refugee from Heaven, selected as a reflection for the Sunday Gospel passage Luke 11:1-13.


Simon felt the same awe before this Man that he had experienced the previous afternoon, and again he was at a loss to understand it. Quietly he introduced Jesus as a philosopher and a carrier of good news concerning the Messiah's reign. 

Jesus faced the semi-circle of curious men. With the sighing of the sea in His ears and the fire casting flickering shadows across His face, He spoke to them.

“The ancient prophets,” He said, “saw the God-Man in vision, and in this deep prayer of union, they were taken up into God's light where there is no time, and in that 19 wisdom where everything is present, they walked and talked with Him.” 

He told them that the prophets had been deeply grieved when they learned how the Messiah would die, on a cross, because He was believed to be an impostor. He urged them to study the scriptures and the words of the prophets so that they would know the Messiah when He came, and thus not have a hand in putting Him to death. 

He told them of God's Heart on earth and how that Heart symbolized all truth and infinite love.

“The Sacred Flesh of the Messiah,” He said, “will be the castle of the Eternal Father, and the God-Man will say, ‘He who sees Me, sees the Father. He and I are One.’ ” 

Jesus continued, “In all things except sin, the Messiah will be like you. Watch and pray so as to recognize Him, for He could be your closest friend. His Heart of fire, like this blazing fire before you, will win eternal life for you if you pray, study, and listen to His words which are given to you through the prophets. 

“Through penance and prayer you will know Him, and the spiritual fire within you will become His other indwelling. Keep that fire burning, don't let it die – as this driftwood fire burns away. You are as worthless pieces of driftwood without the effects of penance, and you are cast out upon a sea of pain and of strife. Your life here on earth is but a means of winning the reward of life everlasting. Win this life everlasting through penance and the love of one for another. 

“The God-Man cannot die and His word is truth. Down through the ages and even to this hour He whispers, ‘Come to Me!' When you finally know Him you will be symbolically washed ashore and He will enkindle you into the likeness of His Father. Driftwood either becomes waterlogged in the sea, which represents sin, or it washes ashore, 20 there to dry in order to become another transformation. You will be a transformation without sin, which will make you clothed in transfiguration. 

“Become brave in the goodness and the likeness of God while you live on earth. All of these things the Messiah will teach you in a greater way when you know Him. He will need brave men – men who are not afraid to expound to the world the brightness of His Fire within them.” 

Jesus told them more, but it all concerned eternal life and God's personal love for each and every one in the world. The driftwood fires at length smoldered into black ashes, and those rough men of the sea wished only one thing above all else on earth – namely, to find the God-Man and to follow Him. None of them had ever heard a man talk as Jesus had, nor say the things He said. From that hour on their lives were changed. 

In their new love for God they pledged allegiance to their Creator to be as one in mind and to go in search of the Messiah no matter where He might be. Somehow, they now believed Him to be on earth. 

Some of them thought Jesus an inspired prophet filled with wisdom and a gift of speech. Others wondered whether or not He might even be the Messiah, for He was to them as they would want the Messiah to be, a Man filled with understanding, kindness, and cheerfulness. Yet they did not dare ask Him. How they wished they were scholars of scripture for then they would know, as He had told them. They at length contented themselves by pleading with Him to visit them again and to tell them where they might begin their search for the Messiah and into what far lands they must travel. 

Jesus answered by bowing His head and praying silently for them to receive the grace of faith. It was not yet time for Him to tell them who He was, for He wanted them first to have greater merit by searching for Him.


This has been as excerpt from Cora Evans’ private revelations found in her book, The Refugee from Heaven, selected as a reflection for the Sunday Gospel passage Luke 11:1-13.