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  • What Should You Really Know About Sundays in Lent?

    Vincent Terreri - Mar 7, 2017
    There is some debate among Catholics of the Roman Rite, at least, regarding whether or not we should carry out our Lenten penance on the Sundays of Lent. Partisans coming down on either side of the question seem to have strong arguments. Here is a review of the ancient tradition of the Church, both East and West, will reveal a resolution, or at least raise some questions that will guide us in making our decisions about how we should live out our Lenten season. 
  • Have a Meaningful Lent with these Practical Tips

    Sara and Justin Kraft - Mar 2, 2017
    Ash Wednesday commences the holy season of Lent in the church. Lent is a 40 day period in which we the faithful prepare for Easter and during which the “…Church unites herself each year to the mystery of Jesus in the desert.” (CCC 540) During this time, Catholics are specifically asked to practice three spiritual activities: prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. 
  • How to Have the Greatest Lent of Your Life: Week 1

    Jeannie Ewing - Feb 28, 2017
    ​Lent.  Most of us dread it.  Many of us enter into the liturgical season with some apprehension and discouragement because of the focus on penance, fasting, ashes, sacrifices, and mortification.  It seems as if the road to self-denial will never end: 6 weeks of suffering, of self-abnegation?  The Resurrection – our resurrection – seems to be so far in the distance that we often lose sight of why we enter into the desert with Jesus.  It seems too long...
  • How is the Beauty of Holy Week Celebrated Across the World?

    Sara and Justin Kraft - Mar 23, 2016
    While Holy Week is devoutly and spiritually observed all around the world, there are some places where it is a time of elaborate ritual, participated in by entire cultures and cities. Sacred traditions that date back centuries become the center of public life for a resplendent seven days. Read on to learn about all-night processions, living Stations of the Cross in which the Pope portrays Christ, floats weighing several thousand pounds, and the making of intricate and colorful sawdust carpets to...
  • The Most Gruesome Details of the Crucifixion of Jesus

    John Kubasak - Mar 21, 2016
    If a first-century Roman walked into a Catholic parish today, he’d be shocked to see a crucifix on the wall, knowing that the crucifixion was to instill fear as an public instrument of torture.  Even more strange would be the artistic adornments on the crucifix—he would only see an instrument of gruesome torture and death.  As we are confronted with Good Friday and Jesus’ Passion, it would help to look at the crucifixion of Jesus more from the eyes of that...
  • How to Complete an Excellent Examination of Conscience

    W. P. Bennett - Mar 8, 2016
    Second grade. My hands were sweating and my mind racing.  I was so nervous I went into the confessional and read every single question word for word and just said yes at the end, admitting to every sin listed—including murder, adultery, and coveting. Thankfully, the priest helped ease my mind to the point where I could confess some things that I had actually done—but I've never forgotten that first time I tried to do an examination of conscience on my own.  Nowadays I...
  • The Way of the Cross—A Lenten Reflection

    Sara and Justin Kraft - Feb 23, 2016
    The Church offers a great number of suggestions for spiritual progress during Lent. One common devotion is the Way of the Cross, which is more commonly referred to as the Stations of the Cross. This reflection will offer a brief review of the history of this devotion, provide a few practical tips for practicing the devotion during Lent, and leave you with a few words from Pope Emeritus Benedict the XVI. 
  • Get The Most Out of The Stations of the Cross

    Jeannie Ewing - Feb 18, 2016
    We begin the journey to Calvary with Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane when we pray the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary, yet the Stations of the Cross place us with Him in front of Pilate as He is condemned to die – cruelly and unjustly. Meditating on the Way of the Cross helps us understand the depth of God's love for us--the immense suffering He endured for our salvation. Here are meditations to help you get the most out of the Stations of the Cross. 
  • 10 New Valuable Ways You Can Fast During Lent

    Anne Stricherz - Feb 16, 2016
    We are called to pray, fast and give alms in an intentional way during Lent. Why? Because Lent is about conversion—turning our lives more completely over to Christ and his way. As written by Catholic Relief Services “we fast, or give things up, as a reminder to remove things in our lives that get in the way of our relationship with God. When we feel hungry or choose not to eat the things we like, we are reminded that everything we have is a gift from God.”  My hope is...
  • How to Prepare for the Best Lent of your Life

    John Kubasak - Feb 9, 2016
    Lent is a season for reflection. We have an opportunity to reflect on our lives--past and present. How have we lived? How do we live out each day? We have an opportunity to reflect on the attachments we have to worldly pleasures and comforts in this season of fasting. And we have an opportunity to reflect on the love that God has for us. The book of Tobit reminds us to "consider what [the Lord] has done for you." We want to give you the tools to prepare for the best Lent of your...
  • Compete Well: Nourishing Your Spiritual Life Post-Lent

    Anne Stricherz - Apr 13, 2015
    Lent is a holy season. Many of us lead a more conscious and well-nourished spiritual life during Lent and it can fizzle out if we don't take steps to keep it intact and lively. My hope is that this post will give you some ideas on how to “continue running” during Eastertide.
  • The Triduum: The Close of Our Lenten Journey

    W. P. Bennett - Apr 3, 2015
    The mystery that our victory as Christians comes from the death of Jesus Christ, goes against the perceived notion so much that until it happened not even Satan could see it coming.  The greatest angel created did not see it coming.  So we can be forgiven if we sometimes forget to remember this.  It is only through the total, self-giving, death of Jesus Christ that evil was defeated and our own sin conquered.  Then, the victory over death was further confirmed three days...
  • Returning to the Lord through the Sacrament of Confession

    John Kubasak - Mar 30, 2015
    Twenty thousand people would go to St. John Vianney per year for confession.  He’d spend 16-18 hours per day in the confessional (Catholic Encyclopedia article on the Curé of Ars here).  Myriads also flocked to the confessional of St. Pio of Pietrelcina.  Two of the greatest saints of the last two centuries, and they devoted a large part of their lives to the sacrament of confession?.  This is no coincidence.  In this powerful sacrament, Christ offers a...
  • The Feast of the Annunciation: What “Fiat” Means for Us

    Sara and Justin Kraft - Mar 25, 2015
    Today, March 25 (exactly nine months before Christmas), our liturgical calendar celebrates the Annunciation, the day an angel visited Mary and Mary agreed to be the mother of Jesus.  Annunciation literally means to announce. We celebrate this day not only for its significance all those years ago, but also to renew (make present all over again) its impact today. In this reflection let’s take a moment to review what happened and then reflect on what it means. 
  • The Dream of St. Joseph

    Anne Stricherz - Mar 18, 2015
    Bubba Watson is the number two golfer in the world. In 2012 when he won the 76th Masters Championship, he won his first major and fans too. When asked about winning the prestigious tourney and wearing the green jacket, Watson said “I never got this far in my dreams.” In a funny way, his words reminded me of Saint Joseph—the earthly father of Christ and husband to the Blessed Virgin Mary.  I have no doubt Joseph could not have dreamt of the role he would play in the history...
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